Teaching Materials

This is where I share some teaching materials that I’ve made with the world. Feel free to use them.

It would be great to hear (via comments below) how the classes went and/or if you would change anything. Oh, and if you find any typing erros please let me know so I can correct them.

imagesEver since that dark day in 2004 when one of my former colleagues put her learners through the pain of listening to Billy Joel’s Piano Man 3 times in order for them to fill in the missing lyrics, I’ve been on a mission to plan decent lesson with what constitutes (for me at least) credible music. Below you’ll find a few of the fruits of my labour.

The Importance of Being Idle by Oasis idle
Materials for two different levels here. Most tasks draw on the cognitive games championed by Rinvonlucri and others.

Pre-Intermediate A2 CEFR
Strong Intermediate / B2 CEFR
Watch and listen to the song here.

Fit But You Know It by The Streets
Think carefully before using this one – there’s very bad language and plenty of British slang. I put this together for one of my most advanced students who requested it. It’s basically a series of activities based on lexis from the song all whipped up rather quickly. You’ve been warned!

Advanced / C2 Worksheet
Watch the video here.

Glorybox by Portisheadimages
Learners practice recognition and production of 3 English vowel sounds before doing a series of activities based on the song.

Intermediate / B2 CEFR
Watch the vid here.


Miss, Lose, Waste
“Did you really lose the bus? Blimey! And what did the driver have to say about that?” My Mexican students really struggle with these. A simple worksheet for pre-intermediates and above on collocations with miss, lose and waste.

Win, Earn, Gain
Unfortunately, most of us don’t win money for a living. A worksheet looking at collocations with win, earn and gain.

Acknowledge & Recognise
This was whipped up, rather quickly, at the behest of a very advanced level student of mine. Like me, you might ask yourself if it really matters.

Vocabulary Building
Prefixes: Over, Under, Out
Are your students underchallenged? Perhaps they’re overusing the same lexis. This prefixes worksheet for intermediate level learners aims to broaden your students’ vocabulary.


Car Safety
A couple of collaborative writing activities on the topic of car safety which focus on paragraph level textual relationships. After introducing the topic, students read a news article about safety issues. Working in pairs, they are then given a copy of the article with half of the text missing and then work together to reconstruct the missing information. In the final activity, new pairs are formed who then work together to reconstruct the whole text.

Draws heavily on discourse analysis work of the likes of McCarthy and Cook.

There are two levels:
Strong Intermediate

Lexical Chains This worksheet, based two newspaper articles about food in New York and Mexico City, aims to raise learner awarensss of how we try to avoid repetition in English when we write. It’s quite challenging – B2 and above CEFR.

This one is based on a recent David Letterman interview with Johnny Depp. The objective here is to raise learner awareness of how much we don’t say when we speak. Again, B2 CEFR and above.

Watch the interview here.


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