Post-Exam Review Class Ideas

February 14, 2013

I just finished end of level testing with a group of adult students at a local company who are supposed to be at A1 CEF by now. I was looking for good ideas for post-exam review classes. Here’s what I came up with but would love to hear some of your ideas.

1.Spelling Review

Make a list of about 10 misspelled from students’ written tests. Add some correctly spelled words to the list. Give students a copy of the combined list and have them decide which words are spelled correctly and which ones incorrectly. Then have students correct the incorrect words.


2: Structure & Writing Review

Take example sentences from students’ writing and follow the same procedure as above but, this time, with whole sentences.  


3. Listening Review

Give students a worksheet containing parts of the exam  tape script but with some sentences missing. Students work together to fill in the missing parts of the conversations. They can then read their versions of the conversation out loud, while other students  listen and decide if conversations make sense with what was added. As a final step, students listen to the original audio and compare it with their own versions.

An alternative, or additional, exercise would be to treat longer audio scripts as a cloze or as a gap-fill exercise. Students complete gaps in audio script and then read through the conversation.   


Any other ideas for post exam review that you’d like to share?