Looking for cohesive devices?

Apparently, according to my blog stats, a lot of people have found their way here as a result of searching the terms cohesion and cohesive devices. Well, those people must have been utterly disappointed to find only a passing reference to cohesion in a post about using songs in the classroom. I do apologise – as a fellow teacher, I’ve spent hours painstakingly rummaging through websites in search of exercises, articles, pictures etc. to use in class. Are my tags misleading? Do you feel like I’ve been wasting your time? I’m sorry.

In order make amends I have uploaded a couple of worksheets on cohesion. This one focuses on lexical cohesion. It’s based on two newspaper articles about food in New York and Mexico City.
The other focuses on grammatical cohesion – ellipsis to be precise – and is based on a recent David Letterman interview with Johnny Depp. You can watch the interview here:

Both are fairly challenging and are aimed at learners at B2 (CEFR) level learners and above. There’s also a collaborative writing activity on car safety which works on cohesion on my materials page. More exercises on cohesion to follow.


3 Responses to Looking for cohesive devices?

  1. Hello there,

    I’ve just found your blog because of your comment, and I have to say I think it’s great. I’ve been thinking about starting my own blog to exchange ideas with fellow teachers and trainers. I’ll be visiting yours regularly. I hope I find the time to finally join the blogosphere in a more active way.

    May I suggest a new topic? I’ve been working with exam candidates for a while, and I think that B2 and above learners tend to struggle more with coherence than cohesion. I’ve devised a couple of exercises to help them out using authentic material as well based on Thornbury’s “Beyond the sentence” book, but we can always learn some more.



    • Mark says:

      Thanks for your comment Henrick and I’m glad you liked what you found. It’s funny because when I was looking at your blog I was thinking that I really should have a student focused page too.

      You may well be right about higher level learners struggling more with coherence and it’s an area that teachers, at least here in Mexico, tend to neglect. It would be interesting to see the materials you refer to.

      I’m currently working on some materials for the Trinity ISE 2 prep , which is at B2 level, and trying to develop some decent writing activities and it’s not easy – especially find authentic examples of correspondence type texts!

      I look forward to exchanging ideas with you.

      • Rick says:

        Well, it’s nice to hear that I inspired you as well. Let me know when you come up with your students’ blog. Perhaps we could get them to exchange ideas, emails or something like that.

        I’ll try to put together the material for you. I’ve actually described one of the activities quite thoroughly for one of my MA assignments. It’ll be easy for me just to copy and paste that bit for you.

        I currently work with candidates for the Cambridge main suite, CAE (C1) and CPE (C2). However, there are students preparing for the FCE, which is a B2 exam just like Trinity ISE 2.

        I think you can find my email on my profile. If you can’t, let me know so we can use email for communicating; it’s much easier in my opinion. What genres of writing are you looking for? Trinity is not a popular exam in Brazil, but I’m more than willing to try to help you.

        Look forward to exchanging ideas with you, too.

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