New Blog Title

Exciting news! I just changed the name of my blog.

As you can see, it now has the catchy name Milk Makes Cheese, rather than the marvellously dull English. Teacher. Mexico.

Same URL though – a fact which apparently is a bad idea in SEO terms, but never mind – and same kind of content (just in case my 2 regular readers were getting worried!).

“Milk makes cheese” is an example of the kind of utterance that comes out of students’ mouths in English classrooms where they are fed a diet of grammar and nothing more.


4 Responses to New Blog Title

  1. Jamie says:

    “Peter was eaten by a restaurant” was an excellent passive sentence that came up in my class last week!

  2. Well that explains what was going on. I wandered on over here for a quick gander on what’s going on with Mark in Mexico… and um… Milk eats cheese, that’s not a blog I know, now is it?

    Ah, the value of scrolling mice.

    I crack myself up.


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