The Future of the Book

Jason Renshaw, on his English Raven blog, just posted a piece titled Viewing a Book as a Place, which looks at the future of books. The post is about an article published in the Australian newspaper, The Age, which posits a new role for books in this digital age and, perhaps more interstingly, a new role for readers, editors and publishers. Furthermore, the article proposes an expaned definition of “reading” which encompasses a range of web-based “social behaviours” such as visiting publishers’ websites and participating in book forums.

View the original article here.

From a teaching point of view, the article offers an insight into what reading classes of the not too distant future might look like – classes where learners are involved in active dialogues with other readers, and perhaps even authors, and where the process of reading extends well beyond the confines of the page.

Perhaps too, it will be easier to get our learners to do extended reading outside the classroom once they are awakened to the potential social dimension of sitting down with a good book.


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  1. Great response, Mark… will link it on the blog posting 😉


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